Providing new opportunities for expression and connection in the Disability community through personalised and accessible music and sound recording services.

Out Hear amplifies the vital and diverse voices in the community through also offering opportunities to publish and platform works. It is an invitation for individuals, organisations and the broader community to connect, to listen and be heard.

Mentoring and facilitation is tailored to individuals’ interests and ambitions. Programs may be in partnership with other organisations or directly with individuals, including NDIS funded participants.

Mentor/facilitator Dale Gorfinkel has more than 10 years experience working in the Disability community with a range of ages and (dis)abilities including cognitive, psycho-social, physical, stroke-survivors, acquired brain injury, vision and hearing impaired, people in rehabilitation, and autism-spectrum. Dale is constantly inspired by the originality and vitality of individuals in this community, values the diversity of sonic expressions and believes in artists being empowered and having complete creative control.

No prior experience in music or art required.

For more information please contact Dale Gorfinkel

Activities may include: 
*Skills building
*Improvisation and play
*Electronic music
*Beat making
*Sound design for dance, video, theatre
*Story-telling, podcasting, radio
*Field recording
*Music videos
*Live events
*Publishing work
*Career building

Benefits include:
*Increase energy levels and motivation
*Promotes individual creative expression
*Builds confidence
*Alternative ways of communication
*Creating new identity and reconnecting with self/ lost identity
*Safety and validation – positive social experience
*Client-led and empowered creative expression
*Build skills and capacity so that artists can thrive within community and industry contexts
*Provides a sense of routine and discipline that supports individuals’ artistic goals as well as their general independent living