Dale gorfinkel

Mentor, Facilitator, Producer


Dale has worked for more than a decade in the Disability community and is continuously inspired by the creativity and vitality of the people he meets. He is highly skilled in connecting with others and helping them realise their ambitions as well as helping to open up new opportunities.


Dale has been a creative facilitator with a number of organisations including Arts Access Victoria, Arts Project Australia, Regional Arts Victoria, St Martin’s Youth Theatre, City of Yarra Youth Services, The Song Room and Royal Children’s Hospital. He has worked with participants to produce exhibitions, events, video and audio presentations, online archives and merchandise. He is also experienced across artistic mediums including animation, wearable art, sculpture, performance, video and music. For many years Dale has also facilitated programs with young people, in schools, with refugee and migrant communities.


Dale is a renowned musician, instrument builder, installation artist and improvisor. He has presented work around Australia and internationally. He has also created sound design and composition for dance, television and film. The diversity of Dale’s creative work places him in a unique position to help others in their own creative explorations.


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