“Dale is an incredibly resourceful, compassionate and caring mentor. He uses his initiative, offers me support when I need it pre-emoting my ignorance, anxieties and fears. I could not hope for a more thought-ful, qualified and compassionate musical and generally qualified mentor.” (Jenny)


Here are some testimonials from artists at Arts Project Australia:

“I enjoyed learning something new. Trying the different sounds. Enjoying going and making nature sounds. I enjoyed it. And coming here. I’d like to do some more work with you. Try some new sounds, makes some other sounds, do some more video.” (Georgia)

“Back when you were coming to Arts Project… yeah I enjoyed it! That was a really good day. I enjoyed playing the instruments and everything you brought in. And I enjoyed coming here [community music space] and seeing all the different instruments.” (Danny)

“I liked coming here too, to see all the different music you can play. Gonna play a band with James and dress up. You can join in too on the drums. I liked it when you came and helped me record some stuff too. And I’ve still got Garage Band on my iPad.” (Chris)


Lesley, staff member at Arts Project Australia: “I thought it was really great the way that you worked with them as people first and got to know them and their sound work evolved from their personalities, which was fantastic. They all haven’t stopped talking about you [Chris interjects: “I haven’t stopped talking about you either!”] and wanting to know when they can see you again.

For me and the other staff …we learnt a lot from what you taught the artists. We had a professional development day with you as well. It upped our skills and meant that, for example, when Georgia wanted to continue using Garage Band and recording after you left, we were capable and less scared of it, which was great.”


Dale is very easy to work with and is possessed of Dog Hearing which makes him excellent at troubleshooting audio problems you didn’t even know were there. He also has a really deep understanding of a whole range of musical cultures based on personal experience. Dale helped me finalise my album and learn even more in the process, I look forward to working with him on future projects.” (Ash)